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A Complete
Fitness Experience

Catered to Our Central Ohio Community

Comprehensive, customized, and backed by a supportive community - Complete Fitness & Performance, LLC pushes its Central Ohio patrons to achieve total-body health through individualized workouts and personal training.


Founded in 2017, CFP adheres to its namesake, providing clients with a complete wellness experience. From a challenging workout to the mental push your body needs, each training session at CFP focuses on reaching and exceeding your fitness goals.


Clients are coached by owner and certified personal trainer Chris Dorka, who specializes in designing workouts accessible to all fitness abilities - from young professionals to professional athletes. Unlike a crowded, impersonal gym, CFP promotes a comfortable environment where your body is the catalyst for driving results.


Whether you are seeking one-on-one personal training, semi-private group training, or are weighed down with where to start, CFP offers a diverse selection of programs. Although you may initially enter the gym alone, members of CFP quickly find they are part of something more. When a gym becomes family, the possibilities are endless.

About us

A Mission to Steer Innovation to Individual Health and Fitness Goals

At Complete Fitness & Performance, our mission is to help young professionals and athletes reach new heights in fitness and performance by delivering the perfect blend of innovative physical training, relationship building, and individualized attention.


Mapping Out CFP’s Personal Training Strategy

To accomplish our fitness goals, we use your greatest resource - your body. After creating a fitness roadmap tailored to your individual aspirations, owner and personal trainer Chris Dorka puts you in the driver’s seat, providing the fuel and navigation to reach your destination.


Chris takes time to get to know you, your body, and your wellness aspirations. From increased strength to weight loss and flexibility, Chris believes in structuring a total-body workout unique to each client’s health and fitness goals. This training program minimizes the use of machines to maximize the use of the body. At CFP, however, complete success is not measured in the number of reps achieved or results visualized on the scale. Instead, it extends to encompass a client’s mental well-being - to help break barriers and plateaus both in and out of the gym.


Every person is different, as are their bodies and long-term fitness goals. Therefore, every training program developed at CFP is individualized to account for these distinctions. After a thorough assessment, you will be provided the keys to drive success, as well as access to a certified co-pilot to keep you on course.


About CFP’s Founder,

Chris Dorka

From young professionals to professional athletes, owner and personal trainer Chris Dorka has demonstrated his health and fitness prowess with more than 300 clients in Central Ohio. With more than ten years of experience, he specializes in one-on-one and semi-private group training.


Whether working to increase muscular strength, lose weight, rehab an injury, or enhance athletic performance, Chris has the education and experience to help clients, from all walks of life, meet and exceed their ambitions.

  • Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology
    & Health | Miami (Ohio) University

  • Master’s of Science in Exercise Science
    & Health Promotion | Florida Atlantic University

  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist | National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA)

  • Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) | National Academy of Sports
    Medicine (NASM)


Designed to meet your goals

Consultation Process:


At CFP, there’s no doubt that we train…


But, before ever setting foot in the gym, the first step to a complete experience begins with a comprehensive consultation. Prior to your first workout, team up with owner and personal trainer Chris Dorka to thoroughly assess your needs and wellness goals. Together, you will take into account factors such as injuries, nutrition, and past fitness plans to create a fully customized approach.


To win in the gym, you need to establish a game plan. Coaches don’t let their players on to the field unprepared, and the same can be said for certified personal trainers. During your consultation, Chris will review body composition and conduct a movement analysis. However, you won’t leave without breaking a sweat. A 30-minute workout caps the consultation, introducing the total-body workout style promoted by CFP.


Don’t let the numbers and training jargon intimidate you. The environment at CFP is both welcoming and encouraging for individuals of all fitness levels - from young professionals to professional athletes. Conducted free of charge, consultations lay the groundwork for all services provided.

  • 1 hr

    Lets get started!
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