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I’m a little off my game in terms of working out consistently.
Will I be able to keep up with the workout routine?

A thorough consultation process allows owner and certified personal trainer Chris Dorka to completely assess your overall fitness capabilities and limitations. Ultimately, the personalized workout program you complete takes these factors into account, and is designed specifically for your current fitness level and long-term goals. The staff at CFP will challenge you, but also take into account your unique situation. You will never leave the gym feeling defeated.



Do you offer training options for groups of individuals, such as a sports team?

At CFP, we do provide options for larger groups or sports teams. These training opportunities can take place at the CFP facility or at an alternate location. Please contact us to discuss this service offering in more detail.


I’m new to personal training and hesitant about the cost. What is the value of investing in a personal trainer as opposed to joining a gym?

The true difference between joining a gym and hiring a personal trainer is the use of safe progressions. A personal trainer will administer a workout routine that will allow you to build toward your health and fitness goals. In a conventional workout setting, you will eventually encounter a plateau with your progress, and that’s where a certified personal trainer will make the necessary adjustments in order to keep the progress moving in the right direction. Furthermore, safety is one of the top priorities of a fitness professional. 


I feel uncomfortable working out in front of other people. Can you describe the atmosphere you create in the gym for someone like me?

At CFP, we take pride in providing a private, judgment-free atmosphere. Community and support are some of the most important components when it comes to reaching your fitness aspirations. We enrich this experience by perfectly blending privacy and togetherness to make each client feel comfortable in our facility.


In my mind, a personal trainer is someone who hovers over their client and yells. What is your style?

What separates CFP from other gyms is the individualization for each client. During the consultation process, we discuss what kind of training atmosphere best suits you. The style discussed is then implemented in your personalized workout program. Typically, training will evolve with the right balance of coaching and encouraging – without a reliance on yelling.


I have a strong workout regimen in place; however, I just need to take it to the next level. Do you work with individuals like me?

CFP works with individuals of all fitness levels. Regardless of your current fitness status, we firmly believe progress can always be achieved with each client. 


Can you tell me a little more about the ‘community’ environment of CFP?

Through years of training, we have found the most success occurs in clients who work out in a facility with other like-minded people. These individuals do not have to be at the same fitness level. Simply the encouragement given and received from peers is the recipe for progress. At CFP, even though clients are undergoing their own personalized workout program, the community ultimately has one goal in mind: witness every single member experience success. 


How long until I see results from my workout routine?

Depending on your starting fitness level, positive results can be seen within a few weeks, or even days. However, we encourage individuals to work out for at least a month, as major progress starts to become noticeable after the one-month mark. 

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