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When I met Chris 4 years ago, I never thought that he could change my life in the way that he has. Fast forward to the present, not only is he my best friend, confidant, and biggest cheerleader, but he also pushes me to be the best I can be both physically and mentally. He is so much more than a personal trainer.  

Since I started working with Chris, my mindset about fitness has completely changed. I had been an athlete my whole life, so I always struggled to consistently get myself to the gym without the structure of a practice or game. While I could force myself to go for a jog a few days a week, I wasn't incorporating any strength training into my routine. 

After working out with Chris for few months, I began to see substantial results. I felt so much stronger and physically fit than I had ever felt. Soon enough, I became addicted. Fitness went from a chore to a lifestyle. 

Now, I go twice each week not because "I should" but because I don't have a choice. For my mind and body. When my schedule gets busy and I miss a day, I feel like my entire week is thrown off. 

What I like the most about Chris is that he is truly an expert on fitness and nutrition. I trust that he knows what's best for me in every aspect, and that by following his coaching, I'll see the results I want to see. 

I know without a doubt that I will train with Chris Dorka and Complete Fitness & Performance for the rest of my life, no questions asked. 

-Tessa, Member of CFP since 2013


My wife got me started at Complete Fitness & Performance.  She was using Chris for her training needs and decided to buy me a personal training package. When she came home and said “Guess what I got you a personal trainer.” And I said, “I wish you would have asked me first.” Then she said, “Well you don’t have to use them.” That conversation was in January 2015 and I’ve been seeing Chris ever since.  I have remained with Chris and CFP because it was easy to develop rapport and I have seen results.


When I started I had just begun recovering from knee surgery. I think the physical therapy after surgery got me as far as it could but in the end, I could only bend my knee about half way back. Now that I’ve been working with Chris, I have full range of motion and I’m stronger than I was before the surgery.  I believe my positive experience was the result of Chris and CFP taking time to understand what I wanted to gain from training.  They were very conscientious about the exercises we did so as not to injure my recently repaired knee. Chris continually asked if any of the exercises hurt and paid close attention to the range of motion of each exercise involving my leg.


At CFP they are very deliberate about the instructions they provide for each exercise. They continuously watch to be sure the exercise is done properly and will make small adjustments to be sure there is no chance of injury as a result of the movements.


I have recommended Chris and CFP to a friend and will continue to do so because of the positive impact it has had on my health and fitness.


-Rick, Member of CFP since 2015




I struggled with my weight and personal fitness the first 40 years of my life. As a young man I was always the big guy and my eating habits came from what I was taught from my parents. We ate low cost food, high amounts of carbs, I didn’t know proper portion control or proper nutrition. I got caught up in many of the fad diets, lost weight only to gain it back plus a few pounds each time. As I got older and could afford better options, my past still affected my daily food choices. After years of being on this diet roller coaster I lost faith in my ability to get control over my health and weight. I had exceeded 300lbs and was very unfit. I decided to try exercise training programs and worked with three separate gyms, each time I felt like a fat guy in a meat head gym.


The trainers had never personally had weight issues and couldn’t understand what it was like to be addicted to the wrong foods. The programs were focused on selling me product, and making immediate drastic changes instead of working with me on a progressive plan that I could follow. I gave up for a while and my health got worse until my next annual physical results hit me hard. Triglycerides over 400, high blood pressure, resting heart rate at 98 and I was pre-diabetic.

Fortunately, I decided to make a change and started looking for an accountability partner and a friend introduced me to Chris at Complete Fitness & Performance. Chris was different from anyone I had met before, he was direct but patient, he is flexible without letting excuses get in the way and with his help I finally realized I didn’t get to my current situation overnight and I wasn’t getting out of it without a lot of hard work. Together we honestly evaluated my current situation and he built a plan with me that was progressive, built on small goals that I could complete weekly that would build on each other and each small win ultimately changed my life. When I first trained with Chris I couldn’t do a push up or a sit up, now I am proud to say I can work out with some of the most fit people.


Four years later I still train with Chris three times per week or at a minimum twice as I travel a lot during the week for work. I have good weeks and sometimes still fall off the wagon, I need the accountability and I appreciate that he is still interested in my health as much today as he was the first day.  I wish I would have found Chris earlier in life and I would recommend anyone who is looking to improve their life and change their fitness level to work with him.


Privileged to find a partner for fitness and health


-Dan, Member of CFP since 2013

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